Rick Ross "The Devil is a Lie" (video)

Rick Ross 'The Devil is a Lie' (video)
Here's the god's honest truth, "The Devil Is a Lie" is one of the better songs off of Rick Ross' new Mastermind LP, so it should be of no surprise that the rapper would fit the cut with a video clip. Shocking, however, may be the fact that the MMG Bawse is only showing off part of the single, scrubbing the guest appearance from Jay Z to roll solo.

Regardless, the video gets a little flashy with shots of Rozay slinging bars in front of lit-up oil drums, weighing in on big guns and big whips, dope boys, and popping those black bottles all day long. Even sans Jay Z, it's a sinful experience.

You can check out the video, multilingual subtitles and all, down below.