Rick James

Super Freak Live 1982

BY Sergio ElmirPublished Sep 1, 2005

Because of his passing (last year) and a short-lived return to pop-culture consciousness in part thanks to Dave Chappelle, this DVD comes at a time when curiosity over this enigmatic musical figure has called for a second look at his legacy. Recorded in Germany in 1982, Super Freak Live captures James in all his sweaty, kinky glory. Posing and strutting with all the attitude you've heard about and backed by the sharp Stone City Band, James freaks and funks his way through a string of his best hits, including (obviously) "Super Freak." As an opportunity to see Rick James at the top of his game, mixing metallic rock riffs with future-funk synths, this DVD is a great chance to witness both his super-sex-charged music come to life and the outlandish onstage theatrics, costume changes and pyrotechnics that add to legend of the "baddest mufucka around." (Eagle Vision)

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