Richard Thompson Dream Attic

How far can legend carry you? It's a question that Richard Thompson has most likely never pondered. The obligatory box sets and deluxe reissues have not interfered with his remarkably consistent output over the last three decades, to the point where audiences now simply either get him or they don't. Dream Attic isn't going to bridge that divide, as it's squarely aimed at Thompson's diehard fan base. The 13 new songs were recorded live in several small venues, and while Thompson's live reputation has always been impeccable, the relative rawness of Dream Attic isn't the best introduction to his unique way with a song. There are many magical moments on the album though, particularly the haunting "Burning Man" and "The Money Shuffle," the latter the type of electric guitar workout Thompson fans hope to hear on each new release. Then there's "Here Comes Geordie," already speculated to be a pointed attack on Sting. Whether true or not, it's nice to know that Thompson's pen remains as full of poison as ever. (Shout! Factory)