Rich Gang

"Givenchy" (video)

BY Josiah HughesPublished Feb 2, 2015

YMCMC boss man Birdman may have some troubles brewin' with his deject protege Lil Wayne, but at least he can still hold onto accolades for last year's beloved Rich Gang mixtape Tha Tour, Part 1. Revisiting a happier, less litigious time, the label boss appears alongside Young Thug in a video for the mixtape's opener "Givenchy."

The gold-hued clip offers much of the luxurious, expensive-looking lifestyle on might expect from these two. Birdman kicks it in a restaurant as he recites the tracks intro (complete with his now-iconic shout-out to gold toilets, which he refers to as "terluts"), while Young Thug takes things outside.

Watch the video for "Givenchy" below.

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