Rich Aucoin "P:U:S:H" (video)

Rich Aucoin 'P:U:S:H' (video)
How does Rich Aucoin follow up a music video like "It," which brilliantly recreated scenes from some of the songwriter's favourite movies? That's simple: by hiring children's animator Joel MacKenzie, who worked on shows like George of the Jungle, AquaTeam and Big Bear and Squeak.

This cartoon clip is called "The Myth of Robo Wonder Kid," and it features the We're All Dying to Live track "P:U:S:H." It shows a robot who is created by a team of scientists. This angers a gods, who turns the robot into a evil version of itself.

Curiously, this vocoder-heavy pop song has already been turned into a video once before, when it appeared on Aucoin's Public Publication EP.