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"It" (video)

> > Nov 30 2011

Rich Aucoin - "It" (video)
By Alex HudsonEclectic Halifax popsmith Rich Aucoin's recent opus We're All Dying to Live is one of the most ambitious albums we've ever encountered, as it features a legitimately insane 500-plus guests in its epic 22-track song suite. Now, he's unveiled the project's first music video, "It," and it has a fittingly innovative concept.

The video for this soaring, triumphant pop anthem finds Rich re-imagining some of his favourite movie scenes and making cameos along the way. Director Noah Pink explains the concept thusly:

The concept for this video was born while Rich and I were chatting over coffee in Toronto about movies from our youth that have had a lasting impact on us. It was one of those fun, superfluous conversations that suddenly sparks an idea. Rich always incorporates his favorite film clips and YouTube videos into his live performance, so why not try and take it a step further, putting Rich into the actual films?  We took it from there, made a list of about 25 films we wanted to re-create from scratch (putting a Rich-themed twist into every scene), and then I had the difficult task of weeding them down to 10 films that we could achieve with our budget. To be honest, it was a miracle we could pull off as much as we did.

Stream this "time travelling homage to film" below, and see how many of the ten films you recognize.

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Awesome. thanks for bringing a smile to my face.
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Fantastic video. I don't know what I enjoyed more, the concept or the fact that I knew each movie reference. This is an addictivly (is that even a real word) great album on almost constant play at work right now.
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so much fun! very children of the 80s. i think twenty five would have been a bit overboard, even the ten felt a bit schizophrenic at times... but in a good way. really excited to hear the whole album!
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Awesome job...and not just because I'm in it and Acadia and Wolfville hold meaning to the song and the overall production is great!
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