Reuben and the Dark "Black Water" (video)

Reuben and the Dark 'Black Water' (video)
We all need to take some time for ourselves, but a new video for Reuben and the Dark's "Black Water" shows off the dangers of getting too deep into thought. You can see the pensive, rail-walking clip, taken from the group's upcoming Funeral Sky LP, down below.

The Kaelen Ohm-directed accompaniment to the melancholy folk rock piece finds a young, stubbly guy taking a seemingly sullen solo journey, with scenes finding him quietly contemplating life from a hotel bed or crossing a rocky rail path. Though a little sombre (owing as much to the actor's performance as to lines like "I get high, I get low / That's the way these things go"), the pace picks up considerably as the guy realizes he's not actually alone on his trail.

You'll see the speedy result of it all down below.

As previously reported, Funeral Sky will be cast out into the open May 27 via Arts & Crafts.