The Results Are In: Ozzy Osbourne Is a Genetic Mutant Neanderthal

BY Greg PrattPublished Nov 4, 2010

Well, this is no surprise: Ozzy Osbourne is a mutant. We told you back in June that Osbourne had agreed to have his genetic code tested by some scientists who were wondering exactly how Ozzy was still alive, given his years of notorious alcohol and drug abuse. Well, the results are in and they're pretty spooky.

Osbourne's body has several genetic mutations in it, some of which the scientists doing the study had never before seen, reports the New York Daily News. Apparently, lots of the Ozzman's genetic mutations are related to how his body processes booze and drugs.

According to researchers, the 61-year-old has differences in genes connected to alcoholism and addiction, and the absorption of methamphetamines, opiates and marijuana. Apparently, he has a predisposition for alcohol dependence that is six times higher than average. He also has an increased risk for cocaine addiction, according to the study, but Osbourne has shrugged that one off, citing the mounds of coke he's done over the years and his lack of addiction to the stuff.

Humorously, Osbourne's genes show he metabolizes coffee slowly, which makes caffeine his real weakness, reports ABC News, adding that Osbourne actually also has a teeny bit of Neanderthal genes in him.

How does all this actually account for the fact that Ozzy is still alive at 61? We have no idea, but it's pretty funny.

In related news, Osbourne released his latest album, Scream, earlier this year. Osbourne will be hitting the Canadian road to support the release this month, with Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford supporting; full dates are here.

In one final piece of Ozzy news, the man's been hinting that another Black Sabbath reunion might be in the cards around 2012 or so, if Sab bassist Geezer Butler can stop whining for a minute, reports Music Radar.

We're just impressed Ozzy can remember who Black Sabbath are.

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