The Residents Icky Flix

Icky Flix was originally released in 2001 as a means to compile almost 30 years of the Residents in video form. From the raw primitivism of "The Third Reich ‘N' Roll" to the computer graphic-heavy works of recent years, Icky Flix is an interesting stroll down memory lane for long-time aficionados and a good introduction for the curious. Besides simply collecting the videos, the band recorded new audio versions of each track, which can be played as an alternative to the original recordings. These versions don't always work but are worth checking out once or twice. An added treat, albeit non-Residents, is the disturbing and rarely seen "Songs For Swinging Larvae" by early '80s Ralph signee Renaldo and the Loaf, which is almost six minutes of nightmarish comedy and twisted surrealism. (Ralph/MVD,