The Residents Demons Dance Alone

Though the DVD medium is known for its "interactive" possibilities, the Residents, whose members are renowned for being unknown, yet are known for pushing technology to its limits and beyond, have opted to stay out of the "goodies" department and left the interactive factor solely to the performance. This show from their 2002 tour was expertly captured from many positions by one of their managers in a fluid fashion (on infrared digital video with reprocessing in post-production), thus the viewer/listener gets immersed further into the story of the dark, nightmarish, mortality pondering Demons Dance Alone album. The cameraman gets right into the "eye" of the Residents, swaying about while maintaining focus on both the narrative and the animated-ish costumed characters. At times, when they are needed, clever editing and effects take over to cover the more subjective parts of the story. This DVD is a successful feat in filmmaking, blending story, sound and direction perfectly. It is a superior concert film, perhaps the best to date, and is done with consumer technologies at that! It's a great example of how passion can override technology and the illusion of budgets, in that if its capturers "feel" the moment, the moment will dictate how it gets framed/covered, not vice versa, which can mar the POV of a song. Even if one is not a fan of this bizarre group, this DVD is an excellent portal and starting point into the universe of the Residents, whom have been making weird music and creating the biggest question marks in the music business for four decades and counting. Plus: "Pickle" featurette. (EuroRalph/MVD,