Republic of Safety To Call It Quits

Republic of Safety To Call It Quits
Toronto's foremost purveyors of politically-charged post-punk have decided to end their run on January 26th with a farewell show at Sneaky Dee's. To coincide with their live finale, Republic of Safety will be releasing their swansong EP, Succession, the same day. Recent word from guitarist Jonny Dovercourt reveals that the "CD release" will actually be a release for the Succession book including the CD for free.

The band's third and final EP includes four songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Andrew McAllister of fellow Toronto band Soft Copy. RoS singer/elected official Maggie MacDonald, also known as a member of the Hidden Cameras and as playwright of rock opera The Rat King, created the EP's artwork. Their previous release, Vacation featured guest appearances by Owen "Final Fantasy" Pallett and Gentleman Reg.

A verbosely written official statement on the band's MySpace page cites "a covert operation known only as other interests" and "a recent viral outbreak of full-time jobs" as reasons for the group's "border closing."

Maggie MacDonald had these final thoughts to share on the end of an era for her and her band-mates and the supporting acts they've chosen to help close out this chapter in their respective careers:

"It will be a community event involving people from the various bands we've worked with, so it is a celebration of a period that has come to a close: Steve and Maggie shared the Barcelona Pavilion, Lex was with Hidden Cameras, Andrew McAllister and Jonny were in Christiana together, and Elbow Beach are a young band carrying on the spirit of the Republic - it's a "coming full circle" way to celebrate the fun we had. The Succession theme book also reflects that - "on with the new, from the roots of the old!"