Reggie and the Full Effect Last Stop: Crappy Town

Reggie and the Full Effect’s last album, Songs Not To Get Married To, was an infectious album that supplied listeners with a pop punk sound mixed with heavy riffs, electronica, keyboard work, as well as beats and front-man James Dewees’ nasal tone vocalising the themes of his divorce. Luckily for fans, Last Stop: Crappy Town manages to stay on the musical path, offering a similar voyage. The heavier side of this band is what draws in the hardcore crowd and immediately this locomotive gets going with "G” bringing the heavy, muted, distorted riffs, crashing cymbals, one of the bands trademark sounds (bouncing synth tones), as well as their poppy chorus work. Thankfully, it’s not a sparse track listing for their heavier side, as "F” is found soon after, and is in the vein of "What The Hell Is A Stipulation.” For fans of Reggie’s softer side, and maybe something Weezer-ish, the up and down bounciness of "J” is filled with a fun, poppy air until the chorus, which is chocked full of heavy screams. Last Stop: Crappy Town shows contentment with the band’s musical presentation, gives fans what they want and keeps smiles on the faces of those who like their denim tight and pits moving. (Vagrant)