Red House Painters' Early Albums Collected for Vinyl Box Set

Red House Painters' Early Albums Collected for Vinyl Box Set
It's shaping up to be a bountiful year for Mark Kozelek fans. Not only does he have a new Sun Kil Moon album called Universal Themes due on June 2, but he's just announced a box set from his old project Red House Painters. The eponymous Red House Painters will be out on Record Store Day on April 18 through 4AD, though in the U.S. it comes out April 21.

This vinyl box contains Red House Painters' first four albums: Down Colorful Hill (1992), Red House Painters (Rollercoaster) (1993), Red House Painters (Bridge) (1993) and Ocean Beach (1995). Sweetening the deal even further, Ocean Beach comes as a double-LP set that includes 1994's Shock Me EP.

These come on bronze vinyl, with the set limited to 1,500 numbered copies. It can be pre-ordered here. At the moment, however, it's already listed as out of stock.

An announcement notes, "With these records having not been available on vinyl for 20 plus years and now in much demand from fans, this set is destined to become one of the most desirable catalogue items of 2015."

At the bottom of this page, watch a brief trailer video with some images of the set. Also below, see the vinyl tracklists for the four albums.

Speaking of Kozelek, he filled in on guitar for Ben Gibbard at a show last night (February 23) at Noise Pop in San Francisco, CA, since the Death Cab for Cutie frontman had a broken hand. Below, watch a couple of live clips of Kozelek performing with Gibbered.

Red House Painters:

Down Colorful Hill:

A1. 24
A2. Medicine Bottle
A3. Japanese to English
B1. Down Colorful Hill
B2. Lord Kill The Pain
B3. Michael

Red House Painters (Rollercoaster):

A1. Grace Cathedral Park
A2. Down Through
A3. Katy Song
A4. Mistress
B1. Things Mean a Lot
B2. Funhouse
B3. Take Me Out
B4. Rollercoaster
C1. New Jersey
C2. Dragonflies
C3. Mistress (Piano Version)
D1. Mother
D2. Strawberry Hill
D3. Brown Eyes

Red House Painters (Bridge):

A1. Evil
A2. Bubble
A3. I Am a Rock
A4. Helicopter
B1. New Jersey
B2. Uncle Joe
B3. Blindfold
B4. Star Spangled Banner

Ocean Beach:

A1. Cabezon
A2. Summer Dress
A3. San Geronimo
A4. Shadows
B1. Over My Head
B2. Red Carpet
B3. Brockwell Park
B4. Moments
C1. Long Distance Runaround
C2. Drop
C3. Brockwell Park (Part Two)
D1. Shock Me