Reanimator Thrashin' The Neighbourhood

A fucking stellar collection of violent, destructive songs that are like an ice pick to the aural cavity, Thrashin’ The Neighbourhood seems far too perfect to come from guys who look like they’ve never seen the business end of a shaving kit. The sound is oozing with enthusiasm and a desire to show off their advanced ability without overindulging. This turns songs such as "Breathless Birth” and "Raising The Dead” into supersonic bursts of all-out insanity that stop just short of becoming static. It’s as if Iron Maiden suddenly grew a greater appreciation for raging speed, reckless solos and, well, Nuclear Assault. Since they’re young, toss a touch more metalcore into the fold to give songs a deeper bottom end and you’ve got seven whirlwind bouts of musical ADD. Trouble is, their dedication and zeal are so infectious that one can’t help but feel the adrenal glands kick into high. If ever there was a perfect name for an album, Reanimator has found it. (Galy)