Raunchy Velvet Noise

Velvet Noise opens with a brutally catchy punch in the face called "Twelve Feet Tall,” making it hard to decide if it’s time to bang your head or to dance. A bit of Fear Factory, Machinehead and Misery Loves Co., plus something all their own, Raunchy is Denmark’s newest contribution of catchy, melodic metal. The crazy screaming vocals are here, the clean melodies, the jack hammer rhythm section, the thick layers of synth. It sounds like a formula, but Raunchy pulls it off better than most, and Velvet Noise still sounds good after several spins. None of the other songs have the infectious appeal of the album opener, but tracks like "Crack of Dawn” and "Never Be” are still memorable and make sure it’s worth listening all the way to the end. (Nuclear Blast)