Rarest Record Ever (Beatles’ White Album) Up For Grabs

Rarest Record Ever (Beatles’ White Album) Up For Grabs
If you have a couple extra grand in your pocket and consider yourself quite the Beatlemaniac, you may want to head over to eBay. Right now, an ultra-rare, and ultra-expensive, copy of the Beatles’ White Album is on the digital auction block. Why so rare? Because it holds the serial number 0000005, the first copy to go to a non-Beatle. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr snatched up copies numbered 0000001 to 0000004.

According to Record Collector, No. 0000005 is quite the score. The magazine ranked this 1968 mono double LP as Number 1 on its list of the 200 Rarest Records of All Time. And since it’s unlikely you’ll get any of the Beatles’ copies, this may be the closest to Holy Grail of records you’ll ever get (well, unless you already own that Velvet Underground acetate).

At press time, White Album No. 0000005 is going for £1,070 (about $2,000 Cdn) and that’s only after three bids. The auction closes on November 23, so if you’re itching to nab this treasure, you may want to start your bidding.

For a detailed item description, or to simply watch how high the price goes, you can see it here.

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