Rammstein Rosenrot

Rammstein’s novelty may have worn off for some North Americans, but their trademark GSL (German as a Second Language) quirkiness is still a commanding draw for many more. Their latest work will appeal to the latter, as Rosenrot is the ugly child that only a true Rammstein fan could love. "Benzin” kicks off this disc with a mainstream, crowd pleasing, industrial rock ode to petrol. Yet the group maintain their neo-vaudevillian diversities, casting aside their aggressions with the duet "Stirb Nicht Vor Mir (Don’t Die before I Do),” a track capitalising on an ethereal side of their sound and featuring Sharleen Spiteri’s (Texas) accompanying, English sung vocals. "Te Quiero Puta!” presents horns and percussions reminiscent of Spanish conquistadors mixed with the band’s signature sharp guitar-driven melee. Overall this disc lacks the catchiness that has drawn so many fans in (yet alienated many others). This is not their best release to date, but is still worth checking out. (Universal)