Rae Spoon Your Trailer Door

If you close your eyes, these songs will transport you to the front porch of an Appalachian town, where you’ll find yourself tapping your feet to these passionate old-time tunes that waft outside carried by the wind from the radio playing in the kitchen. Spoon sings with a soul found from a previous time and place. His sophomore release shows a young Canadian folk cowboy cranking out a dozen banjo and guitar picked tunes. The Albertan musician emerged onto the Canadian roots scene in 2001 and his 2003 debut disc Throw Some Dirt on Me has sold more than 2,000 copies since its release. With Your Trailer Door, the songwriter continues to hone his old-time chops. As this troubadour travels by Greyhound across the country to support this collection of country songs, he should gain some new fans. Songs explore old-time themes such as working the land ("Lord Send an Angel”) and road stories ("Long Road to Nowhere” and "Highway 401/Prince George”). One of the many highlights is the freedom song ("Rapture”) that closes the disc. Playing guitar, banjo and mandolin throughout the disc, Spoon shows that there’s little this multi-instrumentalist with the heartache prone voice can’t do. (Independent)