Radiohead Are "Still Very Much an Active Ensemble," Says Philip Selway

"I think there's a collective desire there to make music together"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 26, 2023

Back in 2022, guitarist Ed O'Brien spooked fans when he said, "There's no Radiohead at the moment," but drummer Phil Selway has been a little more optimistic when speaking about the band, even going so far as to speculate the band could release something within the "next couple of years." Now, he's offered the latest hopeful update, confirming that "Radiohead is still very much an active ensemble."

Appearing on The James McMahon Music Podcast (on the July 16 episode), Selway was asked about the likelihood that Radiohead would make a new album. The drummer-turned-solo-songwriter said, "We're always talking about potential plans. I think there's a collective desire there to make music together in some form, and we're figuring out what that is at the moment. More than that, I can't say, but Radiohead is still very much an active ensemble, just not playing together at the moment."

He went on to express enthusiasm for the band's various side-projects, saying that "they all build up a greater understanding of what that group of five people stand for musically."

Most prominently, Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood have remained active with their band the Smile, releasing the single "Bending Hectic" last month and appearing at Canadian music festivals this month. They are believed to have a new album on the way.

Watch the interview with Selway below. The discussion of Radiohead's future begins shortly after the 35-minute mark.

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