Radio Massacre International Emissaries

For the last decade or so, Radio Massacre International have been spewing out albums. The trio made up of Steve Dinsdale, Duncan Goddard and Gary Houghton play various sequencers, mellotrones, guitars, Fender Squires, Moogs and samplers all to good effect. However, the end result sounds somewhat akin to Tangerine Dream circa early ’80s. Mind you, Tangerine Dream were not a horrible band, but to sound like a band from another era is not exactly at the forefront of innovation. I guess the one good thing I could add about RMI is that they claim that improvisation is at the top of their musical endeavours. The second disc in this set, which is a live radio performance, certainly tries to infuse a bit more energy into this calming music. There is a passage when beat-less beats are actually heard. When all is said and done though, Emissaries is simply space music for those lost souls left behind in a galaxy far, far away. (Cuneiform)