Radio Jarocho Café Café

Son Jarocho is a musical style traditional to Veracruz, a state along the Gulf of Mexico. Radio Jarocho (a NYC-based band) serve up ten songs filled with the rhythmic, instrumental and vocal interactions archetypal of this genre in Café Café, their first full-length album. All songs are original, save for "Bemba y Tablao," written by Patricio Hidalgo, a legend in the Jarocho school. This is the ideal album for a family celebratory gathering and you don't have to speak Spanish to know that the lyrics are packed with humorous subjects such as love, nature, gossipy neighbours and just plain dancing. Engineered by Grammy Award-winner Alex Venguer, this album is uplifting and full of playfulness. The lyrical marimbal, jarana, punteador, requinto, leona and zapateado weave around the unrefined but perfectly harmonized vocals, together supplying a fusion of indigenous, Spanish and African musical elements right at your fingertips. (Chido)