R.I.P. Annihilator and D.O.A.'s Randy Rampage

Rampage appeared on the debut albums of both Canadian bands
R.I.P. Annihilator and D.O.A.'s Randy Rampage
Randy Rampage — known best as a founding member of Canadian punk outfit D.O.A. and vocalist of thrash metal band Annihilator — has died. A Facebook post from the makers of Vancouver punk doc Bloodied But Unbowed confirmed Rampage's passing yesterday (August 14), though no cause of death has been revealed. He was 58.

Born Randall Desmond Archibald in 1960, Rampage co-founded D.O.A. in 1978, playing bass on the group's 1980 debut Something Better Change and 1981's sophomore LP Hardcore '81.

After being fired from D.O.A., Rampage joined Annihilator in 1987, lending his vocals to the thrash outfit's 1989 debut LP Alice in Hell. Rampage left the band shortly after, returning to the mic in 1999 to release Criteria for a Black Widow.

Rampage then rejoined D.O.A. for a second time in 2000, playing bass on the band's 2002 LP Win the Battle. He then left the group a second time after the album's release, only to return for his third stint with the group in 2006. Rampage played bass on the group's Bob Rock-produced 2008 LP Northern Avenger, and left the group again ahead of a 30th anniversary tour.

Rampage was also vocalist of Vancouver thrash outfit Stress Factor 9 and hard rock group Rampage.