R.I.P. Anita Lane of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Birthday Party

R.I.P. Anita Lane of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Birthday Party
Anita Lane — the frequent Nick Cave collaborator who was a member of both the Bad Seeds and the Birthday Party — has died. The news broke early today online and was quickly confirmed by Cave's wife Susie and Bad Seeds member Warren Ellis. No exact cause of death has been revealed, but Lane was reportedly 61.

After meeting Cave in the late '70s, the Australian songwriter went on to join him in the Birthday Party, co-writing such songs as "A Dead Song" from Prayers on Fire and "Dead Joe" and "Kiss Me Black" off Junkyard.

After the Birthday Party broke up in 1983, Lane continued to collaborate with Cave and the Bad Seeds. She can be heard on such songs as the title track from their album From Her to Eternity and "Stranger Than Kindness" from Your Funeral… My Trial.

Beyond Lane's work with Cave, she led a solo career and collaborated with the likes of Kid Congo Powers, Gudrun Gut and Einstürzende Neubauten. Among her solo works are the albums Dirty Pearl (1993) and Sex O'Clock (2001), as well as her EP Dirty Sings from 1988. She also collaborated with Mick Harvey on 1995's Intoxicated Man.

Over the years, Lane joined back with the Bad Seeds on occasion, such as when she sang on their Bob Dylan cover of "Death Is Not the End" from 1996's Murder Ballads.

You can find Susie Cave's tribute post below.