The Queers Munki Brain

The Queers turn 25 this year and to mark their quarter-century anniversary comes Munki Brain. As might be obvious from the title, they haven’t changed much since their inception oh so long ago. This album kicks off with "Overdue,” which immediately launches into the relentlessly up-tempo power punk that the Queers are known for. If there is any kind of departure to be found here it’s that the speed isn’t quite as breakneck this time around, but all the other elements are still intact. Sure, it’s a little strange to hear a song like "I Think She’s Starting to Like Me” come from some punks that have been around before a lot of their fans were born, but there’s no harm done when the Queers are tearing through bubblegum greats like "Girl About Town” and the ’60s-inspired "Brian Wilson” while smearing their signature quirks all over everything. (Asian Man)