Queens of the Stone Age "Vampyre of Time and Memory" (interactive video)

Queens of the Stone Age 'Vampyre of Time and Memory' (interactive video)
Better late than never, Queens of the Stone of the Stone Age have finally rolled out their interactive video for unsettling …Like Clockwork glam-ballad "The Vampyre of Time and Memory."

While the band had previously planned to share the Kii Arens and Jason Trucco-directed clip before Halloween, you can now check out the video in all its glory, from shots of Josh Homme rocking a leopard-print piano in a room stuffed full of band pals and taxidermied wild game, to a spooky woman with a bouffant do crooning along near some snapping venus fly traps.

You can make some additional discoveries by checking out the tri-level interactive video here. You can also watch a director's cut incorporating elements of all three visual stagings below.

The video was made in conjunction with the Creators Project.