Queens of the Stone Age "Keep Your Eyes Peeled" (video)

Queens of the Stone Age 'Keep Your Eyes Peeled' (video)
A couple of days after live leak of Queens of the Stone Age's "Keep Your Eyes Peeled," the band have unveiled the studio version in a creepy new video.

While prefaced with the set up "A man walks into a bar...", the video isn't exactly a knee-slapper. First, we see a dude in some sort of human skin mask walk up to a bar-bound monster and proceed to cave the creature's face in with his fist. To the tune of Queens' sinister, bass-heavy slink, the aggressor also manages to wreak havoc on the rest of the patrons in a bottle-breaking blaze of glory. The establishment's cook manages to give the violent guy his just desserts, though.

You can see the bloodiness unfurl before you in the video down below.

As previously reported, "Keep Your Eyes Peeled" appears on Queens of the Stone Age's upcoming …Like Clockwork, which hits stores June 4 through Matador.