QT Empire Garage, Austin TX, March 19

QT Empire Garage, Austin TX, March 19
Photo: Ellie Pritts
Some context: QT is both a PC Music artist and an energy drink (hypothetically, it seemed, until this night, but more on that later), and she has, literally, one song. Which is to say that what her 15-minute set would consist of was beyond the audience at Empire Garage.
As bubbling sounds filled the stage, an "ad" for QT spoke over the speaker, describing the elixir's whimsical properties: "QT provides a new type of energy for a new way to live," and, "When I drink QT, I feel myself drifting further into myself."
QT came onstage wearing a silver vinyl dress, spritzed herself with perfume, and received multiple "Skype calls" from seeming business associates, which she rebuffed, politely, stating that: "I'm actually at a business function right now. Well have to touch base later." All the while, deep bass and bubble sounds rose from the speakers, building to the one song the audience knew she would "play."

"Hey QT" crashed into the speakers, and while there's no way QT was singing, she mouthed every single word with such emphasis and play-acting that it leant the performance an odd sense of purpose, even if it was all to sell the "brand." The song is a beast, and was confirmed as hands down the biggest hit of the night when the entire Empire Garage went insane. The song's call-and-response vocals gave QT's "performance" a schizophrenic air as she mouthed every part, but the song's energy carried it all and sold it.
At the end of the song, she handed out QT energy drinks (A promotional item, but how many did they make?) to eager fans as they crowded the stage front. And hell if QT, in all her Warholian glory, hadn't sold the shit out of it.