Q: Are We Not Kids? A: We Are Devo! TRIBUTE

Sure, their famous flowerpot hats and coordinated costumes were purpose-built for Halloween, but there's no way that arty new wave weirdos Devo would make Disney-friendly kids music, right? Right?!? Akron, Ohio's finest have reunited to re-record their greatest synth-rock hits — including staccato classic "Whip It" — while adding their first new songs in 15 years. But the original concept has somewhat fittingly devolved and the lyrically adjusted vocals will now be handled by a handpicked group of co-ed tweens. Dubbed Devo 2.0, the "benignly subversive" new album (and accompanying DVD) is being released by Disney Sound, who already hipped up kids music with They Might Be Giants' Here Come The ABCs. These tykes weren't even alive during Devo's heyday, much less when ringleader Mark Mothersbaugh foreshadowed this whole venture by recording the Pee-Wee's Playhouse theme. Still, it's bound to be cooler than Kidz Bop.