Q-Tip to Play Miles Davis in New Theatre Production

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Mar 23, 2018

Like Don Cheadle before him, Q-Tip is set to take his turn at playing the role of jazz giant Miles Davis, this time as part of a new theatrical production.

The A Tribe Called Quest MC will play the lead role of Davis in the Nelson George-penned My Funny Valentine, a production that depicts — in George's words — "a day in the life of the jazz giant in 1981." It was around that year in particular that Davis had returned to playing trumpet after a five-year hiatus.

Q-Tip has been tied to the project since at least 2010, speaking about his experience with XXL that same year:

I was a little nervous at first. But we've already done some table readings and Miles' nephew, and some of his really close friends that he knew for many years — a girlfriend of two — and some of his old bandmates have checked out the table reading like, "Oh, shit, they nailed it." So that made it easier for me. It let me know my instincts are right.

My Funny Valentine is currently slated to be a one-off performance, taking place at Joe's Pub in New York on March 26. Q-Tip and his A Tribe Called Quest crewmates are currently gearing up to deliver their "LAST VIDEO" ever for "The Space Program."

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