Purity Ring Talk New Directions and Misperceptions of 'Another Eternity'

Purity Ring Talk New Directions and Misperceptions of 'Another Eternity'
Press around Purity Ring's second record is already honing in on the idea that Another Eternity — out March 3 on Last Gang/4AD — will be the electronic duo's pop album. And while producer Corin Roddick and singer Megan James acknowledge that it pairs tighter arrangements with clearer and more spacious production, labelling it a pop record in contrast to their debut ignores the band's long-running raison d'être.

"We've always made pop music," James tells Exclaim!, as Roddick adds, "With the first album, we were trying to make the most immediate, banging pop songs that we could. The way that it turned out was what our idea of what that was at the time."

Much has changed in the two and a half years since Shrines was released. Purity Ring toured the world and produced tracks for hip-hop luminaries like Danny Brown and Ab-Soul, while the sound of mainstream pop music took several sonic steps in their direction.

But the biggest change in James and Roddick's world was not sonic but practical — the ability to write together, a first for the duo, after the geographic isolation that shaped Shrines.

"With the last record we didn't talk about much at all," says James. "We just felt it out and did it."

This time out, the pair hunkered down in their Edmonton hometown.

"We didn't talk about conceptual stuff and what we wanted to do in the big picture," says Roddick. "But on a song-to-song basis, building up parts, we were able to talk about what things were working on and what things weren't. It was a much more streamlined way to make music. It makes sense why bands do that."

Since dropping their first track in 2011, both James and Roddick have been quick to dismiss the outside influence of other artists on their music. But the choice to record at the Audio Department might have played a different role in Another Eternity's overall sound.

"It's where 'The Chicken Dance' was recorded," says Roddick.

Adds James, "There's a plaque on the wall. We're really hoping to be the next plaque on the wall. We need to write a song comparable to 'The Chicken Dance,' though. The ultimate wedding dance song."

As previously reported, Purity Ring have announced a massive world tour in support of the new album, and you can see the details here.