Purity Ring "heartsigh" (video)

Purity Ring 'heartsigh' (video)
Back in March, Edmonton electro-pop two-piece Purity Ring dropped their sophomore effort Another Eternity, and now they've unveiled a new video for album cut "heartsigh."
The clip pairs the twinkling synth-pop song with visuals of Megan James and Corin Roddick floating through what looks like outer space. When they're not falling through the void, the dynamic duo are captured on camera giving a glossy, intricately lit performance.

"Everyone involved in making this video happen had an equivalent understanding of what was trying to be expressed," James said in a press release. "It was an honest collaboration that combined the ideas of the band with the talents of the directors, dancers and crew. The video consists of the many elements we have created and chosen to express these songs in a live context, but has an added sightline of being in another world, keeping the past in arms with the present and holding a bit of magic in the dark."

Watch the video for "heartsigh" in the player below.