Pure Love "Bury My Bones" (video)

Pure Love 'Bury My Bones' (video)
We've known for a while now that former Gallows singer Frank Carter was prepping something beyond the scope of hardcore with his new Pure Love project, and the group's ultra poppy debut single "Bury My Bones" definitely delivers on that front. You can check out the kaleidoscopic video now.

While the drums pound, and there's crunch to those guitar chords, the melodies the band tout are pretty well bubblegum compared to Carter's past. It's clearly something he's gladly shying away from.

"I'm so sick of singing about hate / It's never going to make a change," Carter belts out on the radio rock number.

The song may shock those expecting the vocalist to keep screaming about Grey Britain, but apparently the newly posi Carter can only see blue skies ahead.

You can download the song for the price of an email, tweet or Facebook like over here, and check out the video below.