Punk 2011: A Fucked Up Year

Punk 2011: A Fucked Up Year
In November of 2010, Fucked Up detailed their forthcoming full-length album to Exclaim!, a "completely relatable rock opera rife with meta-plot, meta-parts, meta-leads and self-referential quirks." Just over a year later, that record, David Comes to Life, has topped our list of the year's best punk albums. Here's how it got there.

The album is officially-officially announced via the band's blog, described as "more punk than the last one, more melodies tho also."

David Comes to Life is completed, and to celebrate, guitarist Mike Haliechuck leaks the album ―except it's really the new Cut Copy record; they pulled the same trick with The Chemistry of Common Life.

During Canadian Music Week, Damian Abraham squashes his beef with Stars' Torq Campbell while hosting The Wedge. The frontman had disagreed with Campbell's Arizona boycott in response to the passage of SB 1070, but they bond through their mutual disapproval of the law itself. And they hug.

Fucked Up perform a live score to the 1928 silent film West of Zanzibar as part of the Images Festival. In celebration of Record Store Day, the band release David's Town, a full-length compilation of fictional late '70s bands hailing from the town of Byrdesdale Spa, the setting for David Comes to Life. Fakes include Porcelain on Porcelain fronted by Danko Jones, and In Good Company, with A.C. Newman. Plus the big Redstockings hit "Unrequited Love," sung by bassist Sandy Miranda.

Fucked Up release their fourth mixtape, combining David snippets, live recordings, side projects, and friends' bands. The Guardian lands in hot water when they run the band's name uncensored, surprising everyone who thought we were over this whole business.

On the eve of David's release, the band converts Queen Street's Clint Roenisch Gallery into a pop-up shop, offering copies of the album alongside sought-after limited-run releases and free beer and crisps. Supplementing the record, they release a series of seven-inches fleshing out each David character. They play a free show at Yonge-Dundas Square, which is weird if you're not used to seeing them play next to the mall. Scott Cudmore makes the band's first real music video for "Queen of Hearts," featuring a spooky post-apocalyptic children's choir.

The band open for the Foo Fighters in Toronto and Montreal, playing some of their biggest shows ever. Haliechuk launches the self-explanatory "art blog" Dressing Room Dicks (dressingroomdicks.blogspot.com).

The Coast puts Fucked Up on the cover of their Halifax Pop Explosion issue, and draws criticism from all the people who are still terribly offended by "that word."

Reports circulate online that Damian is quitting Fucked Up. In response, he tweets: "Hey everyone: I'M NOT QUITTING FUCKED UP." The band performs David in its entirety in New York City.

The band top Exclaim!'s year-end punk list for the third time.