Puff Daddy "Workin'" (ft. Travis Scott & Big Sean) (video)

Puff Daddy 'Workin'' (ft. Travis Scott & Big Sean) (video)
Earlier this month, Puff Daddy rounded up some big-name stars for his MMM mixtape. Now, the track "Workin'" — featuring Travis Scott and Big Sean — has got a video.

Beginning with a spoken word monologue, the video captures the intensity of the track's clap-along atmospheric swagger. We see Puffy at the head of a dimly lit dance party, the rowdy energy of which belies the song's slow tempo. Eventually, Travis Scott takes over with a druggy AutoTune verse, and Big Sean shows up to bring it home with his celebratory rhymes about entrepreneurialism. The whole thing is intercut with electric-looking effects and images of dancing women.

Watch the clip below.