Project Pablo Hope You Are Well

Project Pablo Hope You Are Well
Fresh off his release on Club Lonely, Montreal's Project Pablo (Patrick Holland) is right back at it with a four-song EP that draws on the best parts of the Mood Hut vibe he helped shape.
EP opener "Is It Dry" takes the lead with an arpeggiated, acid-touched synth and a bass line that could carry the track had it played out longer. By contrast, though, "No Sweat" feels uninspired; using a minimal approach to reflect elements from the late '90s/'00s micro-house movement that grew out of Montreal, Holland seems to draw from the stripped down feel of the tracks but doesn't pull of the required finesse.
The Montrealer picks up the tempo with an understated nod to Detroit as he floats lofty chords over crisp drums that feel like you are in the room. Holland again goes to a sampled voice for vibe and texture, but here it's impactful, and makes everything else feel connected. As the track hits understated swells, you can imagine how this would go off at a sweaty, packed dance floor.
Closing off the solid EP is "Oh Fer Sure," anchored by a drum style and beat that are distinct from the rest. The producer allows space for his delay-soaked chords to carry the track, while his use of an old, scratchy soul sample for a vocal element elevates the track and proves "Is It Dry" was just a misstep. (Ninja Tune)