Princess Nokia Accuses Ariana Grande of Ripping Off "7 rings"

"Does that sound familiar to you? Cause that sounds really familiar to me"
Princess Nokia Accuses Ariana Grande of Ripping Off '7 rings'
Ariana Grande returned with her latest single and video "7 rings" today, but not all of the attention its receiving has been positive. In fact, Princess Nokia has gone so far as to accuse Grande of ripping off one of her own songs called "Mine."
Nokia posted a video on Twitter, in which she listens to a snippet of "7 rings" before playing a clip of her own song "Mine."
"Does that sound familiar to you?" Nokia asks sarcastically. "Cause that sounds really familiar to me."
"Ain't that the little song I made about brown women and their hair?" she adds, wondering aloud. "Hmm, sounds about white."
The clip of Grande's song in question hears the Sweetener star chirping, "You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it / I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it" — mimicking a flow atop a bubbly beat that doesn't sound that different to Nokia's hook of "It's mine, I bought it / It's mine, I bought it."
Of course, Nokia is also taking her point beyond just sonic similarities and calling Grande out for her cultural appropriation of women of colour and their hair.
On the outro to "Mine," she says:
Please do not ask me or any Black or Brown women if our hair is real or not. If it's a wig, a weave, extensions, braids, don't fuckin' ask. It's very rude, it's extremely personal to be put on the spot like that. How we choose to wear our hair is our personal choice, ok? We bought it, it's ours, so have some manners and keep your curiosity to yourself.
Grande has yet to respond to the plagiarism accusation, but a number of other people on Twitter have weighed in. Watch Nokia's Twitter video and see some of the response below (from people other than the Ariana Grande stans).