Power Trip

Nightmare Logic

BY Branan RanjanathanPublished Feb 22, 2017

Power Trip have returned, fiercer and unrulier than ever before, with their latest full-length, Nightmare Logic, outdoing their already-raucous LP Manifest Decimation and taking all elements of their sound to new heights. Not only have Power Trip raised the technical bar here, the riffs and hooks have become more memorable and the hardcore swing they've incorporated on previous releases has become a more integral part of their sound, adding more variety to their unique brand of crossover.
Opener "Soul Sacrifice" serves as a forecast of what is to come on the rest of the record, diving in and out of speedy thrash riffs and squealing leads, sandwiched between a recurring, chunky riff that serves as both an introduction to the song and a final breakdown. "Executioner's Tax" mirrors Manifest fan-favourite "Crossbreaker" as a groovy midtempo swing; not only have the band tightened up their sound in regards to the frantic guitar-work that is peppered throughout, but Riley Gale's howl is delivered with more power and consistency here and throughout the album, relying less heavily on reverb and delay effects than in the past.
Closer "Crucifixation" is one of the most energetic and dynamic tracks of the set, remaining a full-throttle whirlwind of machinegun riffing almost all the way through, wrapping up with the ominous, gurgling effects that open the album, bringing it full circle. Nightmare Logic showcases Power Trip at their strongest yet, and packs its 30-minute runtime with songs that push everything they have done right so far to an entirely new level.
(Southern Lord)

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