Portishead Annoyed By Prince At Coachella

Portishead Annoyed By Prince At Coachella
As Coachella kicks off this weekend in California, security may have to pay extra close attention, not so much in the crowd but backstage. Apparently, Portishead are less than pleased that Prince is also headlining the festival, saying the situation could be "awful” and that they’ve "hired another two people… just to fight in our corner.”

While talking with the BBC, Portishead member Geoff Barrow expressed his annoyance about the pint-sized pop star, who organisers recently roped in to play the festival because of low ticket sales. And although Prince will be getting a reported $4.8 million to perform at Coachella, it’s not the money that has Barrow pissed. What he’s worried about is the effect the love-sexy singer may have on Portishead’s sound.

"Prince is gonna turn up with a 40 person entourage,” Barrow said. "With the sound men not allowing us to sound check, then you end up with this horrible situation where you're playing to a shed load of Americans without a sound check.”

However, Barrow doesn’t share similar misgivings about the other headliners, Kraftwerk. "It was gonna be us and Kraftwerk, which was amazing for us to play with Kraftwerk,” he said. "Then I knew the tickets hadn't been selling well for the concert, so they put Prince in.”

Perhaps Barrow won’t be so pleased with Kraftwerk either, though. According to Pitchfork, Kraftwerk co-founder Florian Schneider will be absent during the band’s Coachella performance, meaning only one original member will be playing with the group.