Porches Ricky Music

Porches Ricky Music
Ricky Music, the fourth studio album by Aaron Maine (also known as Porches) is an Auto-Tune-induced haven for fans. The entire album has a despondent feel too it, but it won't deter listeners from swaying to the dark, wobbling synths and stellar vocals that fans know of Porches' work.
What makes Ricky Music an interesting addition to his repertoire, is that it's different than previous efforts, Pool and The House. The dynamics of his newest release are enjoyable, but it lacks the lively punch that Porches has mastered.
"This record is an account of the beauty, confusion, anger, joy and sadness…" is how Maine has described it, and he has managed to capture that feeling well on tracks like "Patience," "Lipstick Song" and "I Can't Even Think." For fans of his more buoyant sound, bonus track "rangerover" is one of those summer night songs that will have you feeling pumped, the perfect upbeat track, with a hint of melancholic lyrics that are just enough to be dance-provoking. 
Ricky Music shows a different side to Porches as an artist that we haven't seen before; it may be more produced and heavily Auto-Tuned, which takes away from his strong vocals, but it's refreshing to hear a new side to Porches. (Domino)