Twin Sister

La Sala Rossa, Montreal QC September 30

BY Jessica CarrollPublished Oct 2, 2010

Twin Sister's reputation for putting on multi-sensorial shows that showcase the band's penchant for the thrilling, strange and ephemeral was cemented at La Sala Rossa for the Pop Montreal audience. Lead vocalist Andrea Estella is one of those powerful and unique young frontwomen whose movements are slight but whose large presence is undeniable. Slinking about the stage in a red wig, a temptress in front of her four technically talented comrades, Estella and co. played through their Colour Your Life LP, as well as their new track in collaboration with Shaking Through and yvynyl, "Meet the Frownies." They even busted out a spot-on cover of Prince's "I Wanna Be Your Lover." It's all about the unwitting spectacle for Twin Sister, and boy were they spectacular.

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