Police and Thieves Amor Y Guerra

I don't know if Police and Thieves were named after the reggae song by Junior Murvin or the song by the Clash but they sound nothing like either. The instruments are thick and crunchy, and the vocals are very DC melodic hardcore, meaning they're noisy and not very melodic at all. There's heavy dialogue regarding relationship struggles, including issues as dark as domestic abuse in "Transparent Smiles." This album is essentially a collection of past EPs and seven-inches, so this isn't new material from ex-members of Balboa and Worn Thin. However, tracks like "Like A Trainwreck" still reign strong, especially with lyrics such as, "8:30 train to New Haven/Stayed up all night to clear my head/Woke up to someone saying, 'Redemption is hard when you can not forgive.'" The slick guitars and compelling lyrics make this a keeper but it could use a little vocal work. (Youngblood)