Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower INRI

It’s short, but it’s awesome, and you should probably be out trying to snag a copy right now. Following the blistering, gritty disco punk of Love in the Fascist Brothel, this three-song EP keeps up the band’s discordant, angular approach to the tired genre, proving that the Plot have their own unique way of approaching things. With only one original track here (the title track), the band play within the same realm of Love, with grinding beats, spastic guitars, and sexualised vocals. More impressive here is the cover of "Boys Keep Swinging,” which is an earnest attempt to play within the confines of the pop genre. Ending with a resounding horn line, the track shows the band pushing their boundaries by actually sounding accessible. The final track is a remix of "INRI” by Nick Zinner, and makes for a nice closing to a powerful burst of energetic musicianship. (Trapped Ashes LLC)