Playboi Carti Fans Are Not Being Cool to Rico Nasty

The rapper has been booed and had a bottle thrown at her while opening for Carti's King Vamp tour
Playboi Carti Fans Are Not Being Cool to Rico Nasty
Rico Nasty has been the opener for Playboi Carti's recent King Vamp tour stops (formerly called the Narcissist tour), and the crowds have by and large been dickheads to her. 

Last Saturday (November 6), Rico was booed by the crowd while opening the show at The Forum in Los Angeles, prompting the rapper to stop the show and address the crowd.

"This is what the fuck we gon' do for you disrespectful muthafuckers out there," she said, cutting the music. "Bitch, we gon' sit in muthafuckin' silence! Don't you fucking play! What you think this is, bitch? It's not that."

When the crowd began chanting for Carti, Rico continued, saying "This is fuckin' lame. He doesn't even know you guys." 

It's unclear if the crowd doesn't understand that opening acts tend to open the show or if they're just being douches, but things escalated further this past Saturday (November 13) when someone in the crowd threw a bottle at Rico while she performed. 

Rico cut the music and demanded to know who threw the bottle and even went down into the crowd herself to find the person, but security pulled her away. 

So far there's been no statement, unofficial or otherwise, from Playboi Carti, though after the November 6 booing incident, Rico took to Twitter to ream out Carti's fans.

You can see footage of both incidents, plus Rico's tweets, below.

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