PJ Harvey "The Orange Monkey" (video)

PJ Harvey 'The Orange Monkey' (video)
PJ Harvey has just dropped another set of globe-exploring visuals supporting this spring's The Hope Six Demolition. This time, she's travelling through Afghanistan in a video for "The Orange Monkey."

As with earlier clips for "The Community of Hope" and "The Wheel," the video was shot by journalist Seamus Murphy. Together, they make it around Afghanistan's Kabul, Parwan, Nangarhar and Helmand regions, visiting market spaces and military zones along the way. Mixed in are playful shots of children on trampolines, and a herd of goats approaching a soldier.

Murphy explained of the clip in a statement:

I try to reflect the song's tune and mood, which means tapping into emotion. I find emotion a truer compass than intellect when it comes to finding images and creating sequences for music. 'The Orange Monkey' has warm, earthen colours with a pleasant, unrushed feel to it. There's an underlying melancholy, which is leavened by the strength and energy of the Afghan people. We know there is tragedy but what we see is resilience.

You can ponder the various sociopolitical connections by giving the video a peep down below.