Pixies to Share Archival Images with 'Visual History' Book

Pixies to Share Archival Images with 'Visual History' Book
We're slightly skeptical about whether a Kickstarter campaign for a new Pixies photo book will be able to raise $150,000, but in any case, that the number that the band's associate, Sean T. Rayburn, is aiming to reach in order to release Pixies: A Visual History, Volume 1: 1986-1993.

Rayburn runs the fansite-turned-official-homepage PixiesMusic.com. He's looking to put together a deluxe hard cover coffee table book featuring archival and never-before-seen photos of the alt-rock pioneers during their original run in the '80s and '90s. He's got the band's cooperation, and is planning to meet with the members, their families, and photographers from the era.

Rayburn wrote, "How cool would it be to talk to the family members of the band, and include some of those truly awkward family photos everybody likes? I know I would buy that book, and I think a lot of other fans would too."

If you'd like to see this project happen, pledge your support over at Kickstarter. The book costs $75, but cheaper options like postcards and photo prints are available. Currently, the campaign has raised $21,387 of the $150,000 goal, so there's still a long way to go.

If all goes well with this project, Rayburn plans to follow it up with Volume 2, documenting the years after the band's breakup and their more recent reunion.

Read more about the project over at Kickstarter.