Pixies Reveal New Album Plans

The LP will be documented via the new 'Past Is Prologue' podcast
Pixies Reveal New Album Plans
Pixies last gave us a new studio album in 2016 with Head Carrier, but today the storied band have finally shed light on their next proper full-length.

Via the band's newsletter, Pixies announced they will be releasing a brand new album in September. While the album is so far untitled, it was written over the course of 2018 and recorded in December at Dreamland Recordings near Woodstock, NY. Tom Dalgety produced the album.

While so far, those are the only real details Pixies are giving us, the band are teaming up with Signal Co. No1 to document the making of the upcoming album, as well as the band's history, as a 12-part podcast called Past Is Prologue.

The podcast will start on June 27 and will be released weekly leading up to the album release. It will be hosted and narrated by New York Times best-selling author Tony Fletcher.

While we await further new album details, check out a trailer for the podcast below. You can subscribe to the podcast here.