Pixies Honour 33 Rescued Chilean Miners with 33-Song Set

Pixies Honour 33 Rescued Chilean Miners with 33-Song Set
While most of us were glued to our laptops and TV screens during yesterday's (October 13) dramatic rescue of the 33 Chilean workers that had been trapped 2,000 feet underground for over two months at the San Jose Mine in Copiapó, the Pixies were celebrating the incredible feat in that nation's capital. According to a press release, the alt-rockers were following the news closely before their gig in Santiago's Teatro La Culpa, their first-ever headlining show in the country. As news broke that all 33 miners had been safely brought up to the surface, Black Francis and co. decided to dedicate their performance to the men.

Dolling out a marathon set of 33 songs - one for each miner - was the least the Pixies felt they could do.

"We were so moved by this story," Black Francis said in a statement, "by how many lives had been affected by this, and how the Chilean people banded together to support what can only be described as a miracle. We wanted to do something to show how affected we were by this, so we played a special set at tonight's show, 33 songs for the 33 miners, the longest set we've ever played as a band. We found out five minutes before we went on stage that all of the miners had safely reached the surface. This was definitely one of the most meaningful show we've ever played."

Check out the set list and Francis's brief speech from the concert below.

"Cecilia Ann"

"Rock Music"

"Bone Machine"

"Crackity Jones"

"River Euphrates"


"Wave of Mutilation"

"Monkey Gone to Heaven"

"I Bleed"



"Broken Face"

"Something Against You"

"Isla de Encanta"


"Sad Punk"


"#13 Baby"

"Gouge Away"

"Is She Weird"


"U Mass"

"Break My Body"


"Dig for Fire"


"Ed Is Dead"

"Mr. Grieves"

"Winterlong" (Neil Young cover)

"Here Comes Your Man"

"Head On" (Jesus and Mary Chain cover)

"Holiday Song"



"Where Is My Mind"