Pip Skid Tens of Dollars

The second single from Pip Skid's Skid Row, "Tens of Dollars" is a small-time pimpin' ode to poverty that gets the EP treatment with a variety of remixes from a diverse group of underground Canadian producers. The collection opens with Kutdown's original mix, a sparse beat anchored by a bouncy drum and funky bass loop occasionally bolstered by a bit of guitar. It's a great fit for Pipi's humorous lyrics and angry voice, and one of the best songs from the album. Next up is a posse cut sequel of sorts, recycling the chorus for a new set of verses from Pip Skid, Birdapres and B-Flat (of the Lytics) over a darker beat with exotic electric guitar that results in a very different song. The remixes follow. Gordski gives his remix a fun, cartoonish vibe that flirts with the tango. Hunnicut mines hip-hop classics to build his cut-and-paste "party break" remix, incorporating the chorus and elements of "Tens of Dollars" into the break, along with the use of that siren made famous in Kill Bill. The subject matter is given less gravity in the hands of mcenroe, who lightens the mood with his playful synths, hi-hats and claps. For his "hip house mix," Moves brings back a classic staple of late '80s hip-hop, although his version is stripped back and sticks to the lower registers. His selection of closing vocal samples makes for a nice touch. Ric Hard finishes off the remixes with his "disco mix," giving the song that hip-shaking groove associated with disco but maintaining the gritty, lo-fi feel of hip-hop on a budget. And, finally, the EP ends with a radio edit of the original. While Tens of Dollars isn't the type of EP that will get much play from front to back, it does offer a selection of remixes that should be able to provide an option for any necessary musical situation, from the block party to the club, or the discotheque to the rave, and even the radio. Expect no safe haven. (Marathon of Dope)