Pip Skid Friends4Ever

After the break-up of Winnipeg, MB's Farm Fresh, Gruf the Druid and Wicked Nut burst onto the underground scene last year when they dropped their politically active Let's Just Call You Quits, under the group moniker Fermented Reptile. Well, Wicked Nut has made the move to Halifax, changed his name to Pip Skid and released an album that was supposed to be a break from the serious social commentary of Fermented Reptile. Friends4Ever opens with "Intro," a track that humorously proclaims the (fictional) break-up of Fermented Reptile through cuts and samples, followed by other light-hearted topics such as hypochondria, "Hypochondriac (2 Hype)," the relation between jocks and homosexuality, "Towel Snap," meeting assholes from the past, "All Up In This Piece," and a little dissing of the Canadian hip-hop scene, "Crantinis at 15, 000 ft." And to prove he can be serious, Pip drops knowledge on racism ("True Blue"), sexism ("Raggedy Anne"), minimum wage ("Dish Pig"), and guns ("Gun Lobby"). The majority of the banging beats are supplied by Mcenroe, who continues to top himself each time around. Soso and Graematter also hand over a few beats to add some variety. Graematter's "Life is 2 Easy Pt 1" kicks in hard right after the intro and sets the tone for this very impressive album. Pip is more than competent enough to hold any album down on his own, but he keeps us guessing with a revolving door of visitors showcasing different styles. While Epic's guest appearance comes off as one of the best verses, it's the massive anti-action hero posse cut "Long Live Bruce Willis" where most of these guest appearances happen, by way of an odd mix of Halifax and Winnipeg MCs willing to take on the likes of Willis, Segal, Stallone, etc. Hopefully our wily Canadian MCs will fair better against Willis and company than the Middle Eastern terrorists (Peanuts & Corn)