'P!nk: All I Know So Far' Puts Family First

Directed by Michael Gracey

BY Alex HudsonPublished May 20, 2021

Of all the pop stars who hit it big around the turn of the millennium, P!nk is one of the only ones who is possibly even more successful and culturally relevant 20 years later. Not that "Just Like a Pill" and "Get the Party Started" weren't good, but what exactly gave P!nk so much more lasting power than, say, Sugar Ray or Nelly Furtado?

P!nk: All I Know So Far doesn't try to answer that question. Instead, it follows the pop star born Alecia Moore on her 2019 stadium tour, as she winds her way through Europe en route to a two-night stand at London's enormous Wembley Arena.

More than music, All I Know So Far is about motherhood. P!nk and retired motorcyclist husband Carey Hart bring their two young children, Willow and Jameson, along with them on the road, and director Michael Gracey devotes much of the film's hour-and-a-half runtime to footage of the family hanging out backstage, in hotel rooms and on road,

If the goal was to make P!nk's family dynamic seem sweet, caring and normal, then mission accomplished. The film is filled with mundane parenting moments: Willow wants to spend a week at summer camp, Carey regrets that his retirement means that his kids will never get to see him in action, and P!nk reflects on how young children view their parents as gods before gradually realizing that they are fallible humans like everyone else.

These family moments are so normal that they're a little boring. Take the scene where P!nk's kids play around with trumpets and figure out how to purse their lips in order to produce a note; it's cute for about 30 seconds but then keeps going long after the novelty has worn off. Being on the road is full of these moments of time-killing and boredom, but did they need to be the movie?

All I Know So Far makes a decent case for P!nk's arena show being a remarkable spectacle: her acrobatic stunts including singing while flying upside-down on a harness and swinging on a chandelier, and she manages to sing pretty well the whole time. A touching moment when P!nk reads a heartfelt letter from a fan shows just how much influence the singer has had on her following.

This certainly isn't the best music documentary about a pop star in 2021. For P!nk's family, however, this is going to be one hell of a home movie to look back on.
(Prime Video)

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